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Trade House – High fashion innovators

We offer high fashion brands support and advice in the creation of products and semi-finished products for leather goods and footwear.

Trade House is a brand company that offers support and advice to high fashion brands for the creation of leather and footwear products and semi-finished products. We do this by experimenting with techniques and technologies which, combined with our craftsmanship, bring to life innovations that create the style and trends of tomorrow. We are guided by the awareness that the Made in Italy brand represents a heritage of genius and expertise that deserves to be expertly steered towards the future.

Reliability, speed and precision.-

Reliability, speed and precision.-

Reliability, speed and precision.-

Quality comes from experience.

We have a great deal of heritage behind us. We have our roots in the artisan tradition, which has made Italian fashion great. Today, after being in business for more than twenty years, we carry on that legacy aware of the need for renewal and innovation imposed by market changes. The quality we offer to our customers comes from this experience. Thus, we always guarantee the maximum reliability of the result in everything we make. We industrialise craftsmanship and combine it with a precision and speed of execution that make us a serious and credible partner.

Strengthened by this awareness, we offer high fashion brands personalised and tailored solutions in the industrialisation of products.

Techniques and technologies at the service of high fashion

These include digital printing, embroidery, electronic cutting, laser cutting and screen printing. There are many techniques and technologies that we make available to our customers, allowing them to turn every idea, even the most complex, into reality. In doing so, we put ourselves at their service, advising them and proposing solutions that always guarantee the most reliable and best quality result.

Are you looking for a consultant to create and industrialise your products?